If you are someone who’s looking for truly unique product experience, if you are excited at the prospect of having a tour around the mythical Balkans full of bio dynamically grown wines and organic cosmetics coming from the rare flower with extraordinary qualities-Rosa damascena- that is what Balkanitas is all about.

We are here to give you a vibrant and carefully assembled ‘bouquet’ which lets you experience this part of the world- the Balkans- in new and unexpected ways.

Balkanitas – a world to discover and make your own.

- Our origins -

The Balkans, freshly mixing ancient history with youth energy and lifestyle entertainment, is one of the world’s best kept secrets. A corner of Europe with four distinct seasons, seas, mountains, rivers of wine, winds of plenty and a party that never stops, amid ancient fortresses and mythical treasures.
So this winds, these landscapes, this beautiful and pure waters shape the ingredients whose power is harnessed in the experience we offer – this is the soul of Balkanitas.


- Our ingredients -

Rosa Damascena

The core ingredient of Balkanitas – Organic Bulgarian Rosa Damascena Oil (Rose Otto) is coming from the purest and most authentic source – the Bulgarian Rose Valley where since the ancient times the rose has been cultivated and cherished.

Enio Bonchev feilds, Rose Valley, Bulgaria


On the Balkans Bulgaria is the biggest producers of lavender oil which quality is acknowledge around the world.

Lavandula - About us
Enio Bonchev Lavender feilds, Rose Valley, Bulgaria

Balkan WINES 

Balkan is the oldest documented wine producing region in the world, dating back to the times of the ancient Thracians. The variety of local wine sorts is thriving for centuries alongside the successful international varieties.


Castra Rubra Winery, Kolarovo village, Bulgaria