We believe in the saying that every great wine is a wonderful trip, so in the next weeks Balkanitas will take you step by step to explore the magic of grapes becoming wine.

And we’ll start by this most ancient of crafts – the grape harvest- performed from the dawn of times on these lands- the great Thracian valley.


There is situated the winery we chose to represent –Rumelia Winery- that will host us through the grape picking experience.

You’ll be able to feel the warmth the grape fields have accumulated from the sun and experience the secret art of wine making combined with the latest technology to achieve the unique character and style of Balkanitas wines


Prepare to witness a history in a glass!

Do you know how Cabernet Sauvignon 2008 with gold medal testes?


Our kind hosts from Rumelia Winery in Bulgaria have promised to reward Balkanitas followers by giving а free bottle of their beautiful Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 2008 with Gold Medal from CONCOURS MONDIAL de BRUXELLES  every day till the end of the year to a lucky Balkanitas friend. Make sure you are a part of this opportunity by leaving your name and e-mail to us!


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