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Are you ready to experience the truly amazing and authentic sounds, especially recorded for you, during the beautiful sunrise of the Rose Harvest 2014?

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Our team spend magical time recording the sounds and the full audio experience that will wake your senses.

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With we wanted to bring the exquisite beauty of natural sounds into your life, even when you are far away.

All seems well in the Bulgarian Rose Valley when we hear the uplifting choruses of birds, frogs, and insects, and when we immerse ourselves in the elemental music of wind, rain and thunders.

Not only do these sounds captivate us, they also help us relax and let go of stress, providing us with a respite from our everyday cares and woes.

We are happy we could provide you with premium quality nature recordings that capture the essence of Bulgarian Rose Harvest 2014 voices and convey the magic that is embodied within them.


Our approach is artful and meditative, and we primarily feature only those recordings that we think will have beneficial effects.

While we make a special effort to feature a wide variety of creature sounds, we are not driven by a scientific mandate. Ours is not an effort to document, categorise, and explain, but rather to share what we think is beautiful in celebration of the abundant miracles that lie at our doorstep, in nature’s Balkan of charm and delight.

Dive in the mystery of the symphony of the Bulgarian rose fields– cricket’s song, birds and the gentle midnight Spring wind that makes trees and bushes sound like the greatest beck vocals.

There is nothing more pleasant to hear than the sound of the nature in the middle of warm spring sunrise. Birds sing their beautiful songs, wind blows gently among the trees their tranquillising melody, and time seems to be slowing down and down.

If you are still on the fence, hear the short demo:

Sit under a tree, close your eyes and enjoy this unique soundscape and be part of it.

Enter your Name and best email so we can send you the download file for free.

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