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Welcome to our blog, where real and quality things in life are highly valued.

There are a lot of places on our World where you may find such. Though its size, there is a small country in Europe where you can find lots of diversity of real and quality stuff.


That country is Bulgaria, it is located on Balkan peninsula.

In this blog, we will introduce you to its treasures through the eyes of the young Japanese women who decided to experience Bulgaria’s rich history and natural diversity at first hand.


Bulgarians have a folklore saying, which describes their country the best:

A legend says that when God have decided to distribute land to different peoples, the Bulgarian was working on the field and because of that he was the last to receive his share of land.

God has already distributed all the land. Nothing left give.

But because of the Bulgarian’s known kindness, modesty and hard work, God have decided to give him part of his land – part from Heaven.

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In the next blog post we will introduce you to our host – Yuka and Takara, i.e. us. Two Japanese women looking for adventures in Bulgaria.

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