The Balkan region is proud of the most ancient
wine history.

Ever since the ancient Thracians, 
who inhabited these lands, wine has been respected.

wine 5

Chateau Copsa, Karlovo, Bulgaria

They used it not only as a drink on the table, but also 
for many of their religious rituals.

They believed that 
with wine they could reach their gods.

The ancient Greek god 
Dionysus and his Thracian analogue Zagreus were worshipped by 
the Thracians as gods of wine and merriment.

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Bessa Valley Winery, Ognianovo village, Bulgaria

Evidence for the 
ancient Thracian traditions in wine production and consumption 
are the magnificent Thracian treasures, which are mostly wine

Even Homer often mentioned the superior qualities of the 
Thracian wines in his works.

Balkan wine has undeniable taste qualities.

It is worldwide
famous and it has won many international awards.

Wine 1

Rumelia Wine Cellar, Panaguriste, Bulgaria

Merit for 
the great taste of the Balkan wines is the specific climatic and 
geographic characteristics, and the ancient tradition in the area 
of viticulture and winemaking.

With at least 1.8 million tons of wine produced every year, 
the Balkan region ranks the 5th in the world, right 
after the largest wine producing countries 
such as Italy, France, Spain and the USA.

Grozd fixed

Angelus Estate Vineyard, Bania village, Bulgaria

There are now more than 1.000 wineries producing wine in the