We are Yuka and Takara. Two Japanese girls, who live in Bulgaria and will tell you stories about how charming is this country.

Short facts about us.

My name is Takara, you can guess my age :). Nowadays, the fortune brought me to Bulgaria, more specifically its capital Sofia, where I live for 10 years now.


I came here as a Japanese language volunteer-teacher. Why I came here 10 years ago, because it is a nice place to live, food is delicious, the air is clean, and the summer isn’t that hot.

But mostly, I am here because of the Bulgarian rose water. I am a huge fan an I used it for 7 years already.

More from me in the next posts. ;)



I am Yuka. Nice to meet you! I was born in Fukuoka, married. And here is hidden the surprise of my relationship with Bulgaria


I am married to Bulgarian and it is the main reason why I live here at the moment.  Can’t tell you exactly for how long I live here, because I am always on the way between Japan and Bulgaria. Probably my stay in Bulgaria calculated is not more than a year.What do you imagine when you hear Bulgaria?

I know that you link Bulgaria with the yogurt brand “Bulgaria”, which is normal, because it is popular in Japan.

Actually, the main reason to start writing for this blog is my desire to share valuable information with you regarding the roses, because Bulgaria is the land of roses.


More to follow in the next blog post. We send you lots of sunny smiles! :)


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